About Victoria

“As a high school student I didn’t know anything about the surveying profession. I studied CAD at college and my first role as a CAD Technician exposed me to the intriguing world of building surveying. I completed my degree in building surveying whilst working in the role and became chartered shortly after. 

Over the years I have inspected everything from tunnels under historic courts to high-rise office buildings. Each building has had its own story to tell and something to teach me.

These days I specialise in abseil high-rise façade inspections. Building surveyors are tactile bunch because we know looking isn’t enough to get the full picture. Abseiling gives me a totally different perspective – it allows me to touch, pull, tap and prod a façade so I can really understand its condition. There are days when I question why I am dangling from a building instead of being inside it but, for me, this is where I can add the most value, as façades are often one of the most neglected and misunderstood elements.Victoria Richardson BSC (Hons) MRICS

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