Abseil Façade Inspections

Victoria can inspect buildings by abseil and holds a National Certificate in Industrial Rope Access (Level 3).

Abseil teams need to be self supporting and to ensure industry best practice is adhered to, Victoria works with suitably qualified industrial rope access companies to complete the abseil team.

P1100716bwYou can inspect high rises from ground level and with drones but there are times where you just need to get up close and personal with a building. Whether it’s to investigate a defect or to check on repair and maintenance work, being able to access the façade is important.

In the past, I’ve used Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) to inspect façades. These days operational BMUs are few and far between and I’ve been stuck in BMUs on more than one occasion so I’m all too aware that they are not an ideal option. To really look after these buildings and to give my Clients the best advice, I decided I would need to learn to abseil.

With the guidance and support of Phase-1 and superb training from Vertical Horizonz and Extreme Edge Panmure, I’ve made the transition from dangling in a bucket to dangling on a rope. Abseiling certainly has its complications and challenges but it’s always a worthwhile exercise… and the views aren’t too shabby either.” – Victoria Richardson BSc (Hons) MRICS