About Copper Seed

About Copper Seed BannerCopper Seed Limited is a personalised building consultancy service for owners and occupiers of commercial buildings in New Zealand. Services are  tailored to suit the needs of the Client as well as the building to ensure independent and appropriate advice is always provided.

Copper Seed is owned and operated by Victoria Richardson, a Chartered Building Surveyor with over 15 years experience. Victoria started her career in the UK and since 2010, has been surveying a variety of commercial and institutional buildings across New Zealand.

Victoria is also a qualified industrial abseiler which allows her to access parts of buildings that are usually out of reach for most surveyors. This provides a unique perspective and ensures the condition of major elements, like facades, can be fully understood.

As a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Victoria’s approach embodies the standards set by the Institution and all work is undertaken in accordance with RICS Best Practice Guidelines.

Examples of recent surveys can be found on the Case Studies page and for a glimpse at the built environment from a Building Surveyor’s perspective, you can take a look at Copper Seed on new-instagram-text-logo.

About Victoria

“As a high school student I didn’t know anything about the surveying profession. I studied CAD at college and my first role as a CAD Technician exposed me to the intriguing world of building surveying. I completed my degree in building surveying whilst working in the role and became chartered shortly after.  Over the years I … Continue reading About Victoria


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