Services BannerCopper Seed Ltd provide the following building surveying services for owners and occupiers of commercial buildings in New Zealand:

Abseil Inspections

Victoria can inspect buildings by abseil and holds a National Certificate in Industrial Rope Access (Level 3).

Building Pathology

Building pathology is a the heart of every inspection a Building Surveyor undertakes. Building Pathology is more than simply reacting to a defect that is already known on a building, it is also about identifying defects that may present in the future.

Forward Maintenance Plans

A Forward Maintenance Plan (FMP) is an essential tool for building owners and property managers. Maintenance can increase the serviceable life of an asset which allows owners greater flexibility on the timing for potential major refurbishment or redevelopment works.

Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence is an essential part of the buying and selling process. Potential purchasers of an asset will usually commission a Due Diligence Report. However, it is becoming increasingly more commonplace for vendors to commission these reports as it can speed up the sale process.

Premises Condition Reports

Premises Condition Reports (PCR’s) provide a photographic record of a property at lease commencement and are becoming increasingly more common in commercial leases.

Schedules of Dilapidations

The term “dilapidations” relates to breaches of covenants documented in a Deed of Lease and is specifically concerned with wants of reinstatement, repair and redecoration of the leased premises. Schedules of Dilapidation (sometimes referred to as Schedules of Reinstatement) document the breaches to these covenants as well as the remedy to the breach and associated costs.