Forward Maintenance Plans

A Forward Maintenance Plan (FMP) is an essential tool for building owners and property managers. Maintenance can increase the serviceable life of an asset which allows owners greater flexibility on the timing for potential major refurbishment or redevelopment works.

Regardless of the age of your building, maintenance will be required. Warranties on new buildings do not remove the requirement to maintain and warranties can be rendered worthless if you have not followed the stipulated maintenance instructions. Older buildings also require increasing levels of maintenance as they age to ensure they continue to perform at the required level.

Learning what your building is made of and how it is assembled, informs the type of inspection and maintenance regime you need. Failure to give your building the appropriate attention can result in failures, some of which can threaten the safety of the public. Further discussion on failures can be found in this blog.

In addition to keeping your building looking and performing to its best, undertaking maintenance work can also improve the position of an asset when the sale of that asset is being considered.

Some Clients like to have all Landlord areas and elements captured in the FMP whilst others prefer to have the surveyor focus on the envelope (facades and roof) only. Copper Seed can accommodate the specific requirements of individual organisations in the FMP process and will work with you to make sure your requirements are captured in the the report.

If you would like to discuss how a Forward Maintenance Plan could help your business manage its assets, please get in touch through the Contact page.