Façade Maintenance Tool Kit: #1 The Asset Inspection Platform

This blog is the first in a series that will look at some of the tools available to facilities managers to help them understand the condition and needs of their high-rise façades.

Façade Leaks: Records Are The Best Clues

This blog will look at how we can capture the details of high-rise façade leaks to make investigations and repairs more efficient and avoid the usual looking-for-a-needle-in-a-haystack scenario.

Time and Gravity Bite: The Case for Façade Forward Maintenance Plans

This blog will look at the importance of forward maintenance plans (FMP) and how getting to know your building can prevent the type of failures occurring that could potentially harm a passer-by, or worse. This blog looks at FMPs for the façade, which is often neglected, albeit with clean windows.

Asset or Sleeping Liability: The Case for Façade Technical Due Diligence

This blog will discuss the reasons why the technical due diligence (TDD) process is so important if you want to avoid costly failures.

Hanging Out With Facades

Facilities Managers do their best with the resources that are available to them and if they can't get a consultant to abseil, they have to manage with the skill set of the people who can abseil. I came to realise that I was part of the problem...

Facilities Managers Need To Be Part Of The Design Team

Facilities Management input at the design stage could improve our ability to keep buildings looking and performing at their best.

Take a deep breath Landlords – You need an Asbestos Management Plan

... legislative requirement for commercial Landlords to identify and have a management plan by 4th April 2018 for pre-2000 buildings.

Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

There will always be factors competing to destroy your building...